It can be murder digging up your family tree,
especially when your ancestor is trying to kill you.

Chrissie Fersen desperately wants to know how she is connected to the death of a servant
woman in Glasgow in 1862. Enlisting the aid of local librarian Billie Vane, she is determined to
clear the name of the woman originally convicted of the crime. But her chief suspect appears
to be alive and well - and it looks like he still has murder on his mind...

The Murder Tree Trail

The Murder Tree is a psychological thriller that is set in Glasgow in 2010. While this present day story is a work of fiction, the writer has based it on the historical murder of Jess MacPherson in July 1862.

Examine for yourself the locations that Alan Veale has used for his novel. These places are worthy of a visit in their own right (where practical), but here you can find out how they came to serve as inspiration for the writer.

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A novel...

based on the true story of Jessie McLachlan, convicted of murder in 1862, but who famously accused an old man of the crime after being found guilty at her trial.
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The Murder Tree introduces an unlikely pair of heroes: the American daughter of a wealthy businessman and a Manchester-born librarian working in Glasgow. Each have their share of domestic strife to deal with, while sharing a thirst to find out the truth about a 150 year-old murder. But deaths are still taking place today as far afield as New York, and trying to dig through the roots of this unique family tree becomes more hazardous than either Chrissie or Billie could imagine.

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