Billie Vane

Billie Vane (1968 - ?)

A divorcee, atheist, Rangers supporter, scholar of Shakespeare and an Assistant Librarian, Billie would claim to ‘have led an interesting life’.

He had been employed at the Mitchell in Glasgow for fifteen years after transferring from Manchester Central Library at the time of his first marriage. Often passed over for promotion, he still loved his profession, but was well known among the staff there for being able to ‘disappear’ when there was any heavy work to do. A smoker since he was twelve, he had tried to give up – but then he had been saying that for at least ten years.  This time he seemed more serious, and so started to struggle with electronic cigarettes that still have a nicotine filter.


Born in Manchester of Catholic parents, he put his atheism down to having lost his mum and dad in a plane crash in France while he was still five years old. He had no brothers or sisters, and was brought up by an aunt, now also deceased. He was first married to a Scottish girl (a dancer), who subsequently ran off with the director of a touring theatre company. Some years ago he began a relationship with a local girl (Penny), and a year later a baby came along – a little girl. But Billie’s new found happiness as a father was to be short-lived. Three years later he found out that Penny was also in another relationship, and that there was now a doubt over the child’s paternity. 

This enormous impact on his life caused him to take time off work on long-term sick leave, and to be put on a waiting list to receive counselling. However, Billie always loved life at the Mitchell, and preferred to spend most of his days there, partly for the familiarity and comfort that the place and its contents brought to his life. Known for his strong sense of humour and practical jokes, Billie also never hid his dislike of Americans, based purely on the fact that Penny’s boyfriend came from Toronto.

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