Edward Fersen

Edward Fersen (1974 - ?)

Edward was a natural clone of his father, showing an interest at an early age in ships, engineering and commerce. Unlike his father though, he was somehow always able to command the respect and adoration of his sister Chrissie. While she was happy to lose herself in her imagination, Edward preferred to explore all things mechanical – and found an ally in his grandfather John Fersen, who was able to show him more about building ships than he was to learn from his own father.

With a natural skill at leadership and developing others, Edward was to show himself well-suited to take over the reins of Fersen Marine in Scotland. While Michael Fersen would conclude business deals through his forceful personality, Edward had the ability to encourage people to develop their natural talents – and to know when to criticise constructively to the same effect. His support for Chrissie would be invaluable when she returned to Glasgow.

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