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On reading the prologue I thought this book might not be for me (as I'm not in to period stuff) but how wrong I was, and by chapter 3, I was completely hooked...

...The story keeps you involved to the conclusion and has you rooting for the main characters. There were a few details that I 'guessed' in advance of it actually being revealed but it didn't detract from how the story evolves and the conclusion of the story is suspenseful and well executed.
Whilst I'd not heard the factual story of the two Jessie's before reading this book, it has certainly inspired me to take the time to find out more.
For a new author this is a spectacular start and I look forward to reading more.

Mrs L Dale
16 September 2013

I was fortunate enough to purchase this book before its launch date via a book signing event.
Like the first reviewer I was unsure initially, but was totally hooked once I settled into the second chapter - so much so that I couldn't put it down and actually completed reading it within 48hrs.
I won't elaborate on the contents of the book as there is already information re this on 'the murder tree website' . I would , however, encourage anyone with a penchant for a psychological thriller to purchase this book and hope that there are many more to follow by this author.
Well done Mr. Veale, and keep writing!

Gillian Smith
22 September 2013

This is a very encouraging debut novel. From the compelling opening scenes, which swiftly engage the reader, to the imaginative and unexpected denouement, 'The Murder Tree' takes us on an exciting trail through 19th century and modern day Glasgow. Well drawn, sympathetic characters inhabit a vivid world. Combine this with extensive research and attention to detail and the result is a cracking good original story. Congratulations, Mr Veale!

S D Hinchcliffe
4 October 2013

This book was fascinating as it is inspired by a true story that just keeps you turning pages well into the night!! Great read!! Definitely recommended.

5 October 2013