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Teresa-Louise was to become the ‘matriarch’ of the Fersen family.

William Fersen Family tree leaves
Teresa-Louise Fersen John Fersen

JOHN FERSEN  (1910 – 1988)
An only son (like his father), John had a naturally practical ability with his hands from an early age, and preferred helping in his father's joinery business in Detroit to attending lessons in school.

Michael was brought up under his mother's influence, and grew to resent his father's interest in anything that took him away from home. Protective of his mother, Michael eventually rebelled against his father during his teenage years.

Michael Fersen Sarah Fersen

EDWARD FERSEN (1974 - ? )
Edward was a natural clone of his father, showing an interest at an early age in ships, engineering and commerce.

Billie Vane
Edward Fersen Chrissie Fersen

BILLIE VANE (1968 - ?)
A divorcee, atheist, Rangers supporter, scholar of Shakespeare and an Assistant Librarian, Billie claims to ‘have led an interesting life’.


Chrissie was the name that all but Michael got used to, right from her earliest days.  She was baptised Christina Sarah Fersen, but once her grandmother had abbreviated it to ‘Chrissie’ the name stuck.